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How to Choose End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

End of tenancy cleaning is time consuming, dirty and tiresome to say the least. However, an outstanding cleaning job at the end of stay in a rental property is the responsibility of the tenant. It is also essential if you want to receive a full return of the security deposit. Instead of doing it yourself, you can outsource the job to professional companies that specialize in cheap end of tenancy cleaning London. But how do you know which company will serve your needs and which one you should avoid? Below are a few tips that will help you choose end of tenancy cleaning services.


You want to go with a company that is reliable. It should have a functional website that outlines its services and if possible, reviews by former customers. Talk to family and friends to find out what kind of experience they had with the firm they hired for end of tenancy cleaning services. Don’t cut the corners by hiring the kind down the block who use their mother’s broom and mop. You will lose more than just the security deposit.

Checklist of what you should expect

The best companies will have a checklist of what you should expect. The standard checklist should include vacuuming rugs and upholstery, dusting and wiping of windowsills, furniture, banisters etc., cleaning all glasses i.e. insides of windows, mirrors and picture frames, cleaning kitchen and bathrooms, disposal of rubbish and debris, washing floors and more.

Standardized pricing

You don’t want any guesswork, unexpected addons or surprises. Make sure that the company tells you much the services will cost upfront. Better still, the company should have prices posted on their website. Given how expensive it is to move, minimizing the end of tenancy cleaning costs by avoiding surprises is pretty important.

Landlords and tenants as clients

We recommend choosing a company that offers end of tenancy cleaning services to both tenants and landlords. This is because such companies usually understand the needs of the landlords and as such, do a great job to satisfy you and the landlord.


The best companies don’t usually have to re-clean. However, should you need it, you will need to choose a firm that offers re-cleaning.

Customer satisfaction

The best services boast a high level of customer satisfaction. Working with a company that only satisfies clients half of the time will only set you up for problems like losing a fraction of the security deposit.

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