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Nissan Kickstarts Production of Official Skyline Spares

If you are a die-hard JDM fan, you will be excited to know that Nissan is starting production of official skyline spares. The company will also be producing spares most of their ageing sports cars and the Godzilla. Dubbed the Heritage Parts Programme, this move will see Nissan supplying genuine OE-spec components the R32, R33, R34 and multiple generations of the Fairlady Z. The program also includes the 1999 Nissan 300zx.

The new venture will be a part of the motorsport division and will start by making spares for R32 Skyline. Spares for other models mentioned above will follow suit with time. The late ‘80s and early ‘90s played a crucial role in every car enthusiast’s life. Some of the best sports cars including the Toyota Supra, Nissan R33 and R34  as well as the FD Mazda. Anyone who loves muscle cars knows that the ‘60s, ‘70s and the ‘90s were the golden era of sports cars.

You can actually find traces of the huge amounts of resources used to develop technology for these monumental cars. Advancements like four-wheel steering, active aerodynamics, twin turbocharge and electronically adjustable suspension wouldn’t have been possible were it not for investments made by Nissan, Toyota and other companies.

Owning a car made before 2000 in today’s world can be a pain. While the car is fine most of the time, it does require regular maintenance. The ability to source quality parts is nearly impossible since not many manufacturers make spares for old models. People are often forced to use non OEM car parts, which cause more damage in the end.

Buying and maintaining cars manufactured in the ‘80s and ‘90s is also pretty expensive. For instance, purchasing a used Nissan 300zx can cost well over $10,000 if you want it in pristine condition. The Heritage Parts Programme couldn’t come at a better time. Many car owners are in dire need of genuine Nissan OEM parts and this move will tackle that issue.

Nissan is already manufacturing parts for the R32, and Godzilla parts are expected soon. The Primera GT and Pulsar GTi-R, both of which were stand out performers in the British Touring Car Championship, could be covered with time. At least we hope so since the demand is there. As someone who loves the ‘80s and ‘90s cars, I would be for the idea of overnighting parts from Japan. The downside is that driving those cars will soon be as expensive as driving a Nissan altima.


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